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Reset - Recharge- Reconnect This forgotten organ and our second brain needs as much care as our mental health. Carolina is a nutrition and wellness coach Guiding you on your journey to optimum health is her passion.

Oh, my GUT!

The gut: a fascinating topic and a field that has captured my interest and become my passion. Did you know that there is a clear link between the human gut and the soil? Both contain approximately the same number of microorganisms.
We, as humans, need nature, but nature does not need us…
Studies show that gut diversity has strongly declined in recent years due to our lifestyle. Our diet is rich in processed food, antibiotics, characterised by a low intake of fibre, and of healthy fats, and vegetable protein and where humans predominantly live in urban areas, rather than in rural ones. Added to that, the soil biodiversity has also been depleted by modern agricultural techniques, environmental climate changes, lack of crop rotation, deforestation to build urban cities, pesticides and other chemicals used to control production and optimise profits.
We are disconnecting from what once was our source of sustainability and of life. The gut microbiome and the soil/root microbiome are an ecosystem, and we, as human beings, need this daily connection and close contact to replenish ourselves and build the diversity, richness, and resilience of the microorganisms we badly need in order to function and live to our best ability.
Today our gut/soil connection is disrupted by our modern, hectic and individual choices and lifestyle.
Let me ask you,

  • When was the last time you ran barefoot through a field or even walked barefoot in your garden?
  • Do you do any farming or gardening?
    Are you mindful of the food you put in your body yet expect it to make you feel energized, focused, clear and balanced in body, mind and spirit?
  • Are you eating foods that support the health of your gut?
  • What is your Wellness Vision for the next 6 months?

What can I do?

Instead of feeling miserable and frustrated, maybe we should focus on what is within our control and take a closer look at our diets and daily lifestyle choices.

In order to bolster your immune system and to improve your general health, stress management, productive sleeping patterns, regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are key.

Nutrition plays a key part in this mix. In fact, a well-balanced diet that not only consists of the right ingredients but also prepared with care and eaten at regular intervals will influence your stress levels, make exercising easier and therefore sleeping as well.

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reset your Gut

Time to reset our core organ the “GUT” and allow those microorganisms to work for our benefit.
The 2-week GUT protocol is a holistic approach. It focuses on your body and lifestyle.
Factors such as working habits, relationships, spirituality, exercise, stage of life/ evolution and nutrition will determine where you are today.

This protocol controls appetite while providing nutrition, supports the body ability to convert fat into energy (ketosis) and increases your energy levels
It is focused on building healthy habits and a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

  • Stronger Immune system
  • Total well – b.e.i.n.g.
  • Build long-term sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Reduces inflammation by detoxifying your body
  • Enhance clarity, increase energy, change body composition
  • Improve digestion, absorption, elimination
  • Nourish your body with a nutritious diet
  • Gut cornerstone for optimal health

MY approach

During the 2 weeks we will introduce and implement the elimination diet by focusing on the 4R’s of functional medicine (Remove, Replace, Rebuild and Repair)

Together we will focus on targeted nutrition such as:

  • healing broths that are rich in collagen, gelatin, vitamins, and minerals
    pro biotics to increase the diversity of your gut bacteria
  • prebiotics and fermented food – food for your tiny little guys that work hard to make byproducts like vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, and hormones.
  • healthy fats providing your colon cells with more energy. Butyric acid provides your colon cells with about 70 % of their total energy needs (Check here)
  • Vegetables rich in soluble fiber – food for your gut bacteria

Why you need to improve your gut health?

Better Digestion

Weight loss

Less Pain

Hormone Balance

Healthy skin

Improved mood


Carolina will guide you and support you to tap into your strengths, intuition and passion. To
develop your intrinsic motivation and skills to create sustainable behavioral change and
long-term lifestyle choices.

One on One Health Gut Reset Coaching
€485 +VAT
Gut protocol + kitchen makeover
€585 +VAT
Gut Reset + one week 1 hour per day Carolina Culinary Coaching + Recipes
Carolina Culinary Coaching four week Program 2 times per week (2:30 hours per day, excluding food costs)
€875 +VAT
Health Coaching 45 minutes
€65 +VAT

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A holistic approach to wellness.
Focuses primarily on the relationship between food and your gut health to restore the equilibrium of your microbiota ecosystem, and as a result of your overall health.


To empower and inspire others to build a sustainable lifestyle by maximizing their benefits and results, experience, knowledge, and tools acquired during these 2 weeks of gut protocol and maintenance program.



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